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Sunday, 18 September 2011


Sunday.... Nothing better to do than go go-karting!

Stef is getting faster!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Mexican With Sarah & Martin

Sarah's back after over 3 weekends away!
So Anna recommended that we went to the Mexican once again.

As always I ended up having too much!

But at least we got a picture of Anna & I....

The food was lovely too...

We saw the Bucefari's in Tiegen too! But they were at the Italian.

Saturday - Coffee & Cake At Moto91

Well after spending morning in the office updating the Intranet, I then headed out to Moto91 at Höri for my coffee and cake...

It was quiet at Moto91 - I think due to the fact that all the 'Usual Suspects' were out on the 'Weissebart Ride'

Friday, 16 September 2011

Grill Time & Burago At The Bucefari's

Mmmm.... Yet again, FOOD!
But this time it was combined with an evening of playing cards!

Here's some arty farty pics - 'cause we've not had them for a while!

Soon after it was down to business...

Before Anna fell asleep once again.

Tablet Got An Update!

Looking good....
Download going to plan....
Everything running smoothly....

Installation looks good....


*scratches head*
Now what was that good for?

Nope! Couldn't Resist... More Food...

OK, so after moving boxes around in the archives at the office, it was time to go and get some... FOOD!

Mmmm.... Lovely!

Maybe This Should Be A Food Blog???

A friend of mine made an indirect - valid - statement, that says this blog has too much food in it!

... but that's good! ...?
Isn't it...?

Maybe he's right....?

Maybe I should make this a food blog...?

I think it's time to put something else up here that's not got anything to do with food....
Such as...

Girls with Triumph's....

Now I KNOW he'll like that....

... T.G.I.F...

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Grill Time Again....

Sausages, chicken, pepper steak and more sausages.... Mmmmmmmm...

Hold the phone! Something is missing in that last picture....

Richtig.... Beer :-)

Tinker was hanging around, waiting to see if something dropped down.

No chance.... Everything was under control. But the sausages needed splitting....

In the end Tinker took off and went looking for a mouse!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Grill Time Again

Mmmmmmm... It's getting cooler in the evenings but we're still grilling.....
Including the all important beer ...

Getting Well 'arrrd.... Military Style!

Military style Smart Case for the Tab!

It looks kind of funky, I must say.
But would I buy one...?
I don't know....
Time will tell.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Setting Up The Tab 10.1

Oooooooh YES! It's here.... Finally. Can't write too much. Too busy settings things up. :-)

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Mexican With Simone

We're here again - this time with Stefano and special guest, Simone.

The food was once again lovely - but this time - all with no beer!

I think he liked it....

Especially his banana-wrap pudding!

Mmmm... Starting To Feel Better!

Headache - gone.
Sickness - gone.
The need to eat fatty foods - is here!
The need to have a mug of tea - is here!

But I think I'd have preferred Stefano's brunch!

Whatever.... I KNOW I would NOT want what Anna was having!

I must be feeling better.....