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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sunset & Cake

Lovely sunset over the moores...

You know what they say:
Red sky at night,
Shepherds delight.

So time for a cuppa and cake.


Anna learning to paint!

Chainsaw Happy

Stefano feeling excited....
Can't wait to do something destructive!
Instructions were given...

He loved it...

He must have loved it - He put his smartphone down!!!

In t' Tarn f' Tea & Cake

It was time to see Tarn (Town) - Barnsley - and do a little shopping while mum went for her appointment.

It hasn't changed much. But I did notice there were fewer people.

Well after the obligatory Meal & Fish market visit and shirt buying in NEXT, we met back up with mum at the Victoria Tea Rooms.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sunny Morning While Preparing Morris Sticks

Dad's out preparing his Morris Sticks for this evenings dance. Apparently it's rose wood - as rose wood gives the best sound you know!

Sarah enjoying whacking the sticks together.

The grass is growing and the flowers are out... Spring is final here.
Dad's satellite dish - tucked up at the back of the garden.

A whole hearted wooden welcome!

UK Holiday

Back in the UK to visit the parents once again.

This time Stef had a window seat... But chose to keep the blind down???

The social family!?!? :-)
Actually upon arrival - and having a Wi-Fi connection, those back in Switzerland were informed of our safe arrival ;-)

Then the classic Fish & Chips were called for... Actually more like the size of whales!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

He's Andy Shaw And He Rides A Triumph

Cool little video - which gave me a great feeling knowing that I too ride a Triumph!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Frustrating Day - Need A Curry!

So the day didn't quite turn out as I thought it would!

Planned was to have a new chain set on my Tigger, install the Touratech crash bars and fit the Touratech gear shifter.
Well - the wrong chain was ordered!
The Touratech crash bars don't fit!
But the gear shifter was OK...

Now I have to confront Touratech and give back their product that doesn't fit!

That's a full inch out! The other side isn't any better...

So - that only thing needed to calm me down is a nice hot curry!

Triumph - Old Fuel Tank Rack

If and when I get my next Triumph - it'll be a Bonneville motor...
Some kind of street bobbed machine.

But one thing is for sure - I'd like to have the old style tank rank!

 I just think it looks 'cool'.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Nici Has His Birthday Party - Mexican Style

Stefano's mate - Nici - invited us to join him for an evening meal to celebrate his birthday.


My Version Of The Zurzi Turm

I think the Zurzi Turm should be re-vamped from looking like thins:

To something like this:

What do you think?