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Monday, 30 April 2012

Stefano has a Tommy Hilfiger

This looks nice!

And he can pose with it already!!!

Here's my precious jewel...

And us together..



Then coffee and icecream.....

... and even I eating strawberries!

Installed Vignette

I simply love this camera app. The effects can be brilliant.

so these are my test pictures.

more to come later...

The Bird's Slowly Coming Together

Rear Fender fitted...

Next is the tank...
Soon! Soon!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Ride Out To Schloss Frauenfeld

Anna had seen this in the local news paper.
It's  an old Schloss  dating back to around 750 A.D.
It really is well looked after.

First we had a coffee and icecream before going into the museumand up its tower.

Trams still running in the old town.

And the Post Office building is very nice too.

Once inside it was like turningback the clocks!

ln the church room.

Flying fish or something like that...

VERY old books!!!

Strange painting on the clock.

On the way up the tower.

On the way back down...

Time to call in at Stein am Rhein on the way back...

From there it was the shortest way home via Schaffhausen.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Burago Evening With The Bucefari's

First a round of 'Reg dich nicht auf.'

Followed by some serious Burago...

Which Anna and I lost...

Touratech Offroad Training

Well it was hot, dusty and hard work!
But I survived...

It was a beginners course for offroad - basically racing around in a ploughed field.
Which is harder than you think!