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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Grill With Thomas & Anina

Who needs green stuff when you had a T-Bone steak as big as a chiwawa!


Jamie Oliver... Eat your heart out ;-)

Yep... Time To Lay Down And Relax

Too hot to do ANYTHING!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

MERIDA Big.Nine 3000 Lite

It's Done!
After may years of putting off splashing out money and getting a new mountain bike ~ 'cause it would cost the same to fix my old one as to buy a new one ~ I finally went out and bought myself a:

Merida BIG.NINE 3000 Lite

It was tucked away in the corner of the shop ~ a previous years (2012) demo bike reduced to less than half price!
Equipped with quality components such as Shimano Deore XT, larger 180 mm brake discs, FOX floating suspension, etc, etc, etc...

Naturally I GOOGLED everything there was about it and as soon as I read that Marida once produced Raleigh bikes I was sold!
I also took the opportunity of the 'summer sale' and bought myself a new pair of spd shoes from Mavic.

Of course it didn't stop there - I also needed a trip computer and bar-end handles along with a new inner-tube.

But at the end of the day - a good feeling and a new start...

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Thunderbird Tour With Colin

A fellow biking friend asked for directions around Tirol at the start of the year.
I said I'd join him.

And so the adventure began....

Planning routes in Google Maps

Maps were bought...

And then I got a text message on the evening before he should have boarded the ferry!
Hi Lee,
Sorry mate, bad news I'm afraid. I won't be coming over in the ferry any time soon. Some stupid **** ran up my arse as I was waiting at a junction. Sorry for putting you out and not bringing over the beer I promised you.

So the real adventure began...

It ended up that I would ride up to Baden-Bade to meet him and then ride back down to Bad Zurzach the next day through the Black Forest together.

Here at Schonach at the World's biggest Kuckucksuhr / Cuckoo Clock.

We stayed at the Hotel Etol.
A FANTASTIC place in the middle of Baden-Baden.

Baden-Baden is a wonderful place.

The ride through the Black Forest was great.

The next day I took Colin over the Bruenig Pass...

Then onto the Aareschlucht - which he really liked.

From there we rode over the Sustenpass...

And finally back home.


Why don't I remember this more often!?

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Finally It Would Appear That Summer Has Arrived

Finally Grill time again....

OK - there was some of that green stuff...

For those that care about that kind of thing!

Chilling cheese... Fantastic!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Sawing On RATPack91 Patches

It's time I displayed my colours...

So what better way to put your mother into use than giving her the task to spend the evening sawing patches onto things!

It's Too Hot For Mum

8 o'clock in the morning an 20 °C already...
That's definitely going to be too hot for mum later today!

Yup - as I said...

But she's still enjoying herself...

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Pizza & House Viewing At Conny's

Lunch Time Break...

Get away from the office and enjoy a pizza in the warmth of Conny's & Reto's new flat

The all NEW iPhone - with iOS7...
State of the art!
Top Notch stuff this is!
Doesn't get better...

Kevin the Croc.....!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Grill Again

Finally not too cold to grill and eat outside for once.


Lamb and mixed spiess...

BOSE Soundlink Mini

This looks promising.

Would be nice to take on road-trips when with the bike!