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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Thunderbird Tour With Colin

A fellow biking friend asked for directions around Tirol at the start of the year.
I said I'd join him.

And so the adventure began....

Planning routes in Google Maps

Maps were bought...

And then I got a text message on the evening before he should have boarded the ferry!
Hi Lee,
Sorry mate, bad news I'm afraid. I won't be coming over in the ferry any time soon. Some stupid **** ran up my arse as I was waiting at a junction. Sorry for putting you out and not bringing over the beer I promised you.

So the real adventure began...

It ended up that I would ride up to Baden-Bade to meet him and then ride back down to Bad Zurzach the next day through the Black Forest together.

Here at Schonach at the World's biggest Kuckucksuhr / Cuckoo Clock.

We stayed at the Hotel Etol.
A FANTASTIC place in the middle of Baden-Baden.

Baden-Baden is a wonderful place.

The ride through the Black Forest was great.

The next day I took Colin over the Bruenig Pass...

Then onto the Aareschlucht - which he really liked.

From there we rode over the Sustenpass...

And finally back home.

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