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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Endomondo Walking Workout

Todays walk

Well after that meal it was time to get out and walk about.

It was lovely and warm today.

The GPS thingmigig tells me that I was out for 9.28 km in 1h:34m!

So which way would you go?

Me - I'd go Left - direction Basel.

Why you may ask. Because it goes North - and direction North is England!
Plus Zürich is just too stinky and not my mug of Tetley!

Now that is one BIG rooster!
I don't think I'd manage a grilled breast from a chicken that size!!!

They say that this here rooster causes accidents on the A3 motorway as the drivers turn to look at it!
Mmmm... I've NEVER heard of an accident here - but the radio said there is!

So from one side of the motorway to the other. It's rather loud when you are walking along these paths.
At one point there was a gap in the traffic and the absence of the noise seemed to make my ears hurt!!! Strange isn't it.

It made me think how it might have been some 1'000 years ago.

Much better I think - a little more nature and a lot less industrial noise!

Well once over onto the 'airport' side of the motorway I can get off into a little stretch of some woods.
It's only a few hundred meters or so, but it's nice to see how things change over time. Just a couple of weeks back there was NO green vegetation on the ground - now look at it!

Here's some images I then took with the Vignette application on my phone. I set it so that the 'natural' colours are more vivid. I believe it looks more special.

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