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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tigers Are Free

So Moto91 are releasing their first batch of Tigers!

They received five white Tigers late last week;
- three 800's
- two 800XC's.

Here's both an 800 and 800XC prept. and ready for their owners to collect them!
They were even delievered with  the owners name on the screen!
Here's the 'Sump Guard' accessory  and ...
... the 'Fog Lamps' accessories.

They do look nice!
I'm happy I've ordered them too :-)
Here's the 'Touring Gel Seat' accessory.
It is NOT the 'Lower Seat' which I have ordered, but it does look very similar with that grey stripping in it.
The remaining three Tigers awaiting their owner-preparation service!
You can see that the front screen has not yet been fitted - that's how they are delivered.
Oooh and what's this...?
A black Tiger 800!
But this one has the silver frame!

So the black ones are arriving too!
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