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Saturday, 25 June 2011

T2B: Day Two - Schluchsee (D) to Neukirchen (A)

Up and off by 08:30... Cloudy and cold!!!

First stop - Rothaus Brauerei.

Then it was down to the Rheinfalls...

... you may have noticed - there's not just Joe with me! That's right - Joe and I collected 3 other members to ride in the 'slow group' :-)

I'm glad it was the slow group as one of the member was caught doing 127 km/h in an 80 zone and had his license taken off him!
He we were waiting for the others to come by...

From there it was on to Liechtenstein for lunch and then a looooong slog to Neukirchen, Austria.

We finally got to the hotel rather late - 20:00 hrs and proceeded to go straight to lunch and beer!

I slept well...

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