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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Road Trip to Autun

So the weather was forecasted to be fine. Anna was pre-occupied. Switzerland was concentrated on the Street-Parade in Zurich. So I decided to take myself to Autun, France - and share my time with Nick
(R.I.P.: 07.10.1968 - 23.05.2009).

I packed an overnight bag - cleaned the 'Bird - and set off Saturday morning at around 09:30 hrs.

I'd plotted this route which took me on the motor-ways in Switzerland but then cross country in France:

It was a wonderful ride - ABSOLUTELY NO TRAFFIC on the French roads!

Well I was a little scared that I'd get to Autun too late - as I hadn't reserved a hotel! So I didn't make too many stop and therefore have no photographs... Which is a shame really :-(
I'm learning...

But here is a picture or two of the crossroads:

And here's the 'Bird outside the Hotel with the church in the background.

So I checked in and had a shower before going down into the town.

The hotel is lovely - actually, it's the same one as we stayed in 2 years ago. A little expensive, but lovely.

The walk into Autun allowed me to see more of this place than last time. It's really very nice.

Then it was time for food... Pancake with Gorgonzola cheese!!!????

DON'T ASK!!! It's a French thing.... and it's discussing too!

Then the night fell and it was time to find a bar :-)

I can't really remember much more after that...
Well it was 6 beers, half a bottle of wine and two whiskey's later!!!

Great weekend!
Lovely ride.
Glad I did it.

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