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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Saurier Museum, Aathal

Sunday, cloudy/raining - so time to go to the dinosaur museum in Aathal, South of Zürich.

We took Giuseppe Jnr along with us too.

But they were soon all eaten by a dinosaur!

It's a great place, done really well for kids.

And the layout and presentation is wonderful.

The largest turtle!

Some wonderful colours too.

The kids loved it.


That turtle again...

It's also great that there is a grill place outside with lots of things for the kids too.

Of course, hotdogs were top priority!

While I was allowed to have an apple!!!

The way the things are set up is super.

Giuseppe stood in a foot print.

On the way back we dropped Kim & Veto off at Fislisbach where Fabio & Berit were. Then we went onto Burger King where we'd arranged to meet Marinalva & Pasquale when he was taking her back home.

While there I read that there is a hurricane in the US called 'Lee'...!

Wow, I'm famous.... This calls for an ice cream.

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