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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Greece 2011 - Day 1

It was a bit of a hectic morning... We over slept and set off an hour late!

The temperatures this year are rather mild.

But as always, it's hot in the Gotthard tunnel.

Stef giving the finger while he sleeps!

Then somewhere between Milano and Parma Anna decided to open a can of Cola by sticking a knife into the side of it!

What a mess....

8 and a half hours later we were leaving the Autostrada to head down to the harbour.

We were VERY early and there was NO TRAFFIC at all! We were starting to think that the place was shut down...

Checking in took all of 2 minutes!

It took over 1 hour last August on the BA Euro Rally!

So armed with the PATRAS card we waited for the ferry to arrive.

Once on board it was time for a beer or three....

So I'll stop writing 'cause the beer's getting cold.

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