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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Greece 2011 - Day 12

Well today is our last day on the island of Crete!
After breakfast and paying all bills we decided not to go to the beach today but drive up to the Lasithiou plateu. It's a plain up in the mountains where Zeus was born. It's at a height of over 800 meters!
The drive up was great.

On dropping down to the plain we saw signs for off-road tours!!!
Book me in for next time!
The view onto the plain was super!

We stopped to have lunch in Psycho - the village where the cave of Zeus is.

Then we drove up to the carpark to go and look at the cave...

But it was closed - due to strikes!

Anna, Stef and I walked up anyways!

All the way to the house at the top... But it was defiantly closed!

The views from up there were lovely too.

So then we headed off for the harbour.

On the way to Heraklion we stopped at the coast... for about 30 seconds!
Far too touristy for us!

So we drove directly onto the harbour. And then walked into town.

We took a bite to eat and a drink at the 'newscafe' where they have fast internet! And a funny menu card...

The coffees were done nicely too.

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