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Friday, 7 October 2011

Greece 2011 - Day 6

A special day today!

It's my Birthday... 43!

I'm not getting younger - I've even got grey hairs in my beard!

But today was really special!
We saw Squeaky again! After 4 years!!!
He's still here and remembers us!
What a wonderful surprise...

Well the day started with me getting up before dawn. I couldn't breath in the dachzelt with the front cover closed. So I got up and went walkabouts until the sun came up 8:02 am.

Then we packed up and drove over the mountain to Paleochora where we took some cash and fresh fruits.
We also took a fresh cold coffee at the harbour.

Then we drove over some twisty roads and back down to Sougia, which we like.

After a small swim with Anna we all walked into the village to get a beer or five and food....
I hope they have a chocolate birthday cake for me!?

The beer was wonderfully cold!

Minus 5.1.....

We had mixed starters - a bit of everything. (and more beer...)
Anna was starting to get dizzy... just look at that face!

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