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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ride Out With Tigger To Schluchsee

Basically I wanted to get up out of the fog we have here in Bad Zurzach and go and have a look at some knives which can be found at a specialist shop in Schluchsee.
The shop has some fantastic knives, but they come with their price too!

This one here, is a custom made knife - limited to 100 pieces. Price €199.00

Well, believe it or not, but I was able to just look at them and not buy any!
Which I found to be very good for me...

From Schluchsee, I rode NW up along the lake of Schluchsee and then turned left to go past Aha and Äule before riding over the pass that brings you over to Menzenschwand. The sunshine was lovely over on the South West facing side of the hill - lovely and warm. Good enough to make a photo or two :-)

Then down to Sankt Blasien where it was rather icy! From there I twisted my way back down into the fog and mist back to Bad Zurzach.

The column of steam is from the cooling tower at the Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant. Those there big hills in the background are the Alps I'll have you know.

A few nearer hill tops sticking up out of the fog with the Alps far away in the distance - it looked wonderful.

Looking down in direction of Waldshut-Tiengen! Actually down there is Indlekofen - Yup, somewhere just down there in that there thick foggy soup!

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