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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Tigger On The Klausen Pass

Well it is hard to believe but the Klausen pass is STILL open!
*scratching head and pondering hard*
It's almost December and there is NO SNOW up there. That's unbelievable.

But it's also goooooood....
It meant that I had the road to myself :-)

I rode up from the Glarus side over to Uri. The pass really starts down at Linthal where the first couple of curves when climbing out are cobbled!

From there you ride up onto the Urner Boden where it (the valley, but not the road :-) flattens out a little with spectacular scenery.

Then you have a few more curves by Jägerbalm that takes you up and past the Vorder Chlus - a VERY impressive curved wall of rock...

... before coming to the top of the pass.

Looking down towards Altdorf you could see the thick foggy soup!

A wonderful ride - especially nice since it was the first pass I've ridden with the Tigger and there was absolutely no other traffic around.!

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