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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

New WACOM At The Office.

Well after receiving and installing my new workstation at the office I found out exactly what DOES NOT work under Windows XP 64Bit....

- My Canon Scanner!
- My WACOM Intuos2 Tablet!

So I ordered some new ones... Well let's face it, the others were over 5 years old!
So when I ordered them I placed the optional Air Brush pen. It's great!


  1. That looks seriously space aged! What extra features does the air brush give? My old Wacom A5 pad is now about 5 years old, so time for me too update too!

  2. XP? ... well, there's your problem. You know it won't work on UNIX either.

    Spiffy bit of kit though. If you can get your box running 7 64bit and you'll be quite happy.n (still need to get an airbrush for my Cintq