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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

An Appointment With Alex

It was time to talk with Alex Harder, the spray-man over at the Autolackiererei,  Tössriederen/Eglisau.
Goal was to talk about the design and colours of my custom paint from my Thunderbird.

The first to mask where the colours will be... Get an idea of the shapes.

Next the rear fender...

Somehow this was too thin. So a second, wider area was masked off.


Next, the colours from 'The House of Kolor':
Candy Red!

First a base colour: Red-Red Marble


Then the Candy Red Intensifier will go on top...


Then comes the silver piping...

Chrome Silver!

So the next step - Alex will make a few example tests for me to look at...
Then there's no turning back!

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