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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Europe's Longest Covered Wooden Bridge

Now I didn't know that!
The covered wooden bridge between Bad Säckingen (D) and Stein (CH) is the longest in Europe!

I've only lived in the area now for over 16 years... why should I know..?

The old road leading down from Stein.

The 'Middle': That side of the white line is Germany. This side Switzerland.

Entering Germany...

Then we ~ the Bucefari's, Anna & I, walked around the old town:

Then it was time for a coffee and cake...

Cat and Skeleton!


Brilliant number Pointed House!

Silly Objects!

Weird Objects - from horror movies!

Silly Brunnen!

Band Stand!

Trumpet Players & Towers!

A nice afternoon.... especially the cake ;-)
Will be visiting this little town again, I'm sure.

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