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Monday, 11 June 2012

Dunlop Trailmax TR91 Adventure

Well I had the chance to ride on a Dunlop event: "Trailmax TR91 Adventure".

The event was held around the lake of Como and we were based in the Park Hotel in Abbadia Lariana - the next village down from Mandello del Lario.

I chose to ride down on the Friday, over the Splügen pass!

The route took me up and past the Viamala Schlucht.

I must come back here one day and walk down the gorge.

From there the road goes up and over the Splügen pass ~ where I was greeted with THIS kind of weather...

Then going down the Italian side was foggy and wet ~ with a little detour off on a track or two...

Finally, 400km later I was at the Hotel where a warm shower followed by a shed full of beer was awaiting me...
I had actually ridden on a day early - the main group would be coming the next day!
So I had the privilege to join the host, Reto Camastral from Dunlop Switzerland and Michael Kutschke from Toeff Magazine at the evening meal.

Interesting Pizza!!!

The next day the other 5 riders joined us at the hotel...

We were then briefed as to what the day would involve and what was expected from us:
- Test the Trailmax TR91 tyre to the limit!
- Report back as to how it felt!

I was feeling fresh - and worried - but then realised that the other riders had already done hundreds of kilometers that morning! They had already ridden over the Alps!

They are ANIMALS!!!

But first, we had a ride up to Varenna and into the harbour where we did some quick photo shooting for the reports and possible magazine review.

Then the riding section arrived!!!
... the mountain!
Around the bend as fast as you can!

More photographs...

Then more riding....

Actually is was great fun and I was learning a lot!

1) How to corner with more confidence and security
2) How bloody good these tyres are!
They are like super glue on the roads... Confidence inspiring.

More photographs...

Then more riding and a few more stops... That's right ~ Photographs!

Then back down to Varenna for a final coffee...

After a good number of kilometers we were back at the hotel - showered and ready to go for food!
A small walk to the restaurant was called for!
Well - we had to let the bikes cool down!

The food was lovely!

During the meal there was a spectacular thunderstorm...

But not to worry - expresso and grappa was awaiting in the warmth...

The next day we were back on the road - direction home - the LONG way!
First port of call was back up to Varenna to get the ferry over to Menaggio...

Then we rode over to Porlezza and went South around the lake Lugano passing through Claino con Osteno. Then ont Pellio Intelvi and Lanzo d'Intelvi where we took a small track up the mountain to a spectacular view over Lugano!

Again - some more photographs... :-)

Then we rode back down into Switzerland and through Arogno and Maroggia where we took the motorway North to the San Bernardino pass.

We were also greeted by our friends on the other side of the hill...

But not to worry - all was OK and we were soon on our way home - stopping off for one last coffee before our ways parted...

All in all:
and most importantly...
SUPER SAFE TYRES that kept me rubber side down!

Dunlop Trailmax TR91

Best rated tyres to date!
Get them fitted.

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