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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Thunder To The Bloc Tour

It's that time of year again...
The bike tours are in full swing!

This year the Thunder Group split up:
One group were on an endurance trip - getting as many miles done as physically possible
while the other group set to make it more relaxing.
I joined the relaxing group ~ and lead them through Switzerland onto Como, Italy.

The Splitter Group.

The handing over of the "Around The World Rally" plaque was also an event I did:

Me and Frank from Australian.

The next day we all rode out from Como onto Bellagio where we took some refreshments before parting ways.

The group continued onto Venice while I took the ferry over to Verenna and then rode back home over the Splügenpass. Some pictures taken at Bellagio and the ferry:

Once across the lake Como it was North to The Splügenpass:

I also allowed myself to make a stop at the Rofla Gorge:

A fantastic weekend, with some good friends.

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