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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Tiger Adventure Days - 2012

We're all back from the 'Tiger Adventure Days'... And still in one piece.
Well - the bikes may not be in one piece - but at least we are!
Some great moments...

The first day was Colle delle Finestre (2'173m)...

... then along the Colle dell'Assietta ... even if the weather didn't join in the fun!
It rained almost all the way... Slippy and windy! Not the best of conditions considering the road we were on!

The second day we tackled Monte Jafferau (2'801m) - including Fort Pramand and Forte Foens.
But not everything went as planned when wanting to go to Fort Pramand!!!

Even the Tigger got a rock thrown at it and damaged the kick stand switch!!!

But the ride up was lovely!

We did finally make it up there though!
But not without that Tigger attitude and some bashed up Russische Zopf!

Which made me feel like a super hero!

Looking back down from Monte Jafferau.

Once we got back down - it was a direct route to the Welcome Bikers Bar...

Where - after a shed load of beer's and sambuca's - we met some great guys!

The next day - day 3 - saw us tackle the Colle Sommeiller (2'995m)

It's a hard, long, rocky and very high road.
The lack of oxygen doesn't help matters either!

And regardless of all that - WE MADE IT!

But there were some strange people up there - VERY large people!

On the way back down we stopped off at the Rifugio Scarfiotti to get some food back inside us!

As always - at the end of the day, the photos were pooled together...

We were all showing signs of wear!!!
So while Denis and Soemmi rode back in one go, Bruno and I took two days and did a few passes - in the sunshine!

All in all a FANTASTIC event - with GREAT company!

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