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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Day Out To The Bodensee - Dental Appointment

Took the day off work to have a dental check-up. My dentist is still the same one as I had when living in Öhningen back in 1989!

Once the check was done, I decided to drive back through the village of Öhningen and see what has changed...


What was once Ritz's supermarket!

  What was once the village butcher!

  What was once Conny's Cafe & Bakery!

Sad to think that I spent so much time there - it was where I learnt German, made friends, made memories... 

What was still open was the Adler hotel.

And the Grille pub.


 Upsetting to think back and see now.
Just goes to show - time stops for no one!

So I continued to Stein am Rhein for my breakfast - since I hadn't eaten anything prior to the dental appointment at 7:30 am!

Stein in the snow!!!
Yes, it's still winter and snowing...

Nice snow...

But coffee was needed!

And possibly a second one ;-)

From there a quick trip to Touratech to collect some items...

Before driving back to my clubhouse (Moto91) for yet another coffee :-)

A busy day...
Always is when I go to The dentist!

*thumbs up*

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