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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Morocco... Now That Was A REAL Adventure!

It all started back in 2012.
December 2012 to be exact!

My Tigger was loaded onto a transport truck and taken down to Malaga where he was to wait for my arrival on Friday the 1st of March 2013!

Then on Friday the 1st of March 2013 Bruno, Mike and I flew to Malaga where we took a taxi to Hispania-Tours where Tigger was awaiting me....
Malaga Airport
Bruno, Evelyin and Mike at Hispania-Tours, Malaga
From Hispania-Tours it was a ride down to Algeciras where we stayed the night. The Next day we rode down to the harbour where we took the 45 minute ferry from Algeciras over to Ceuta:  Ceuta -  little bit of Spain on the North African continent.
From there a short ride to the Moroccan boarder where all the paper-work and stamp-collecting began!
1½ hours, multiple stamps, multiple signatures, and 2 Euros later.... we were allowed to enter Morocco! But it didn't last long for Mike! 40 minutes to be exact... Whilst in a roundabout Mike lost the control of his motorbike and slipped out - breaking his ankle in the process! :-( Bruno and I saw to it that Mikes motorbike was stored in a safe place to await the recovery company. They were great people - very friendly and helpful. The next day Mike was released from the clinic...
... where we accompanied Mike to Tangier where he took the ferry back to Spain. Then the un-planned adventure began... The adventure that involved the simple rule to follow your nose! Which took us directly to the first port of call... FOOD! Once fully charged up, we headed on over the middle Atlas Mountains in the direction of Midelt. In Midelt we took a the hotel Kasba Asmaa. VERY nice. The next days' plan was to ride over the Atlas mountains to get to places that were warmer and especially MORE DRYER... We stopped at a place on the road between Errachidia and Arfoud. It had a wonderful view over a palm-tree filled river valley. It proved to be a challenge to get to where we wanted - Merzouga. Especially with all the heavy and prolonged rain falls that Morocco was having. Roads and bridges were either flooded or washed away!
But we made it...
Through sand storms and strong side winds...
Merzouga lies on the beginning of the Sahara Desert...  Our hotel - Tombouctou.   But first things first... BEERS! The next day we unloaded the Tigers and rode further South to see how far we could get... Which for me and Tigger was not very far on the soft sands! :-)
But we finally managed to get to places that were very inspiring. Long empty roads - and I mean really LOOOOOOOOOONG! A marketing photo of my new adventure boots from HAIX. They are the dogs dangley bits - I can tell you. Fantastic. The fun I had out on the dried lake can be seen on the GARMIN... My 'drifting' experience really was driving me around in circles! Then we came back to Merzouga's town center!!! For something to eat and drink.   Tiger and Camel in Morocco!!!
Red sky at night - sheppards delight. More to be added when I have the time....

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