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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Raise The Dust - Day 1: Zurich to Spain, L'Escala

How did this start???

Well about a year ago - Joe, my good American friend gave me a link to a video of some guys on Triumph Scramblers that rode across the Pyrenees.

Here's that video:

Then a year later, Denis from Moto91 came to me and asked,
"Hey, Lee - you need to do this!
A tour with Scramblers across the Pyrenees!
I'm doing it - you should join me."

So that was it. That same tour in the video was now a guided event!

Three tour dates during the month of May.
We chose the last date hoping to have good weather...

Follow the next posts to see what happened:

Sunday morning - packed and ready! Waiting at Zürich's airport...
Drinking Beer - eating microwaved sandwiches and beef-turkey bites!

Finally - time to board.

Arrived and collected by Höllmutt from Triworx.

Our machines:
Triumph Scramblers

The bay at Playa de Montgó, L'Escala.

Time for a drink again - this time onto the wine....

And how did we feel...

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