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Monday, 2 September 2013

Tiger ADV Days 2013 - Day 4

Did I mention that I hate rain?
Well it's a grey day and rain is in the air.
Not only that, but it's rather chilly today!

So - a good hearty breakfast is always good.

Even if it is served in a room of dead animals...

So the totals so far:

On route to Croatia - shortly after we were told to turn around by Mr. Military Man - we came across some caves...
Naturally I couldn't resist and had to go down to look.

Here's a nice one of Tigger I caught when climbing back up.

Lots of coffee breaks were welcomed...
I even had to warm up my sandwiches - I was so cold!

We have no idea where this came from... But it must have been there for a fare few kilometers!

Then finally - after crossing over into Croatia and through some very blaring landscape, we came to our chosen destination: Plitvicka Waterfalls.

Shortly after that we found a place to stay with some other Heidenaus Lovers and welcomed the evening's beer...

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