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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Tiger ADV Days 2013 - Day 5

Up early... to the sounds of cigarette lighter falling on the ground!

But it was time to get up anyway...
So the totals are getting bigger:

The first plan - to visit the ex-military airfield and hangar at Zeljava - just on the boarder to Bosnia.

Very special place.
Sud NOT to be taken light footed....

But it wasn't to be underestimated what was once happening in these areas!

After the air base we went up to the mountain top to visit the old radar station - at 1650 meters and also the newer relay station.

Once again it was clearly explained that this was (as still is) unfriendly boarder lands!

From the new relay station, we went over to the old watch tower.

Looking back down to the new relay station.

It was rather eery to see what was left behind...


All that climbing and worrying about mines we decided to go for some food!


The next plan...
To see some sea!

The harbour village of Senj.


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