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Friday, 6 September 2013

Tiger ADV Days 2013 - Day 8

Breakfast was a cup of coffee back down in Gacko's center. The local police didn't seem to mind us riding up on the causeway and parking!
That's a strange feeling.

Shortly afterwards we were back on the road to go and see a 2nd World War memorial at Tjentiste. The road out of Gacko clearly shows the larger industrial town it is.

Half an hour down the road we came to the memorial - set back off the road.

It's a huge thing!

From the memorial we back-tracked a little before turning off left at Korita to head towards Montenegro.
The road became a rugged track...
The boarder control - non existent...

After a while we came across a little village with very welcoming and friendly people. You can certainly see the difference from Bosnian people - a different culture totally.
So it was time for food!

Including wasps!

From Montenegro we turned back into Bosnia... But this time my faxed copy of the Green card didn't work! So I had to buy a 3 day one - costing around 30 Euro.

From Bosnia we went quickly down to Dubrovanik in Croatia.

Exiting Bosnia was an interesting experience...
As I went into the guard post to collect a stamp in my Adventure book - the two guards were busy listening to Serbian music while casually thumbing through a passport then had taken. The fact was, there was a que of at least 10 cars waiting to enter and they were enjoying the song!

The view coming over the hills to the Adriatic coast.

The view down onto Dubrovanik.

Obviously Dubrovanik is VERY touristic - so we only quickly rode down to the castle before refueling and head up the coast line to a quieter place.

Which was Slano.
A place with rooms by the harbour and beer!

After a refreshing shower it was time to eat :-)

A great place.

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