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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Greece 2011 - Day 10

Interesting electrics they have here!
I'm rather sure that's not SUVA compliant.

Well we walked to Matala today, from Pitsidia. It only around 4 km, so no record breaking event.
But a little movement was needed after all these days of sitting around.

On the way out of Pitsidia we crossed where Irene apartments are.

Before dropping down into Matala.

First port of call was the internet coffee shop.

Then we walked onto the beach. Nothing has changed.... Still very much the same as things were 5 years ago!

The waves were still strong enough to reach up to the sun shades.

We then walked onto the hand crafted stalls to visit Mike - an English man who is married to an Austrian and have lived on Crete now for over 40 years!
I commissioned him to make me a leather bracelet. Photos to follow.

Then we walked back up to the center to have another coffee.

After walking back to Pitsidia, the kids wanted a Pizza!!! So we went over the road to the Greek/Pizza place for refreshments and food!

My mixed grill!

Stef's gyros and chips.

The night ended with us watching Greece playing against Georgia at football. Greece won, 2:1! That now qualifies them to play in the EM next year.

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