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Monday, 10 October 2011

Greece 2011 - Day 9

Blue skies.....
But it's still time to leave Sougia and head onto Matala. First task, drive up and over the mountains - in gale force winds!!!

Every body ready!?

Up at the tops... In the clouds!

Next stop Chania, the capitol of Crete.
Luckily the rains had stopped for a while, while we walked around the old town doing the touristy stuff!

The old harbour and town wall.

We stopped for a bite to eat - toasted sandwiches. The ladies took the sunshine seats!

I took the English, Stef the American and Sarah the Mediteranian.
Super sandwiches... They didn't last long enough to photograph them!

But Anna did photograph her birthday present to me - a silver bracelet.

After Chania we drove onto Rethymnon and then South over the mountains again.

We made a stop in Spili. A beautiful little village at the foot of Mt Vorizi.
It has a lovely little center with lots of water features.

From Spili we had another hour to get to Matala.
On the way you pass over a hill that over looks the bay of Timbaki. The waves were strong!

We tried to get in at Hotel Di Matala - Harula's, but she wasn't there!
So we turned around and went back to Pitsidia and found a room there.

Then we walked into the old village center and had something to eat. The ladies were friendly and very hospitable.

I took the octopus! Very nice.
Stef took the chicken.

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