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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Greece 2011 - Day 8

Phew..... What a night!
Strong winds between 2 & 3 this morning!
Electricity fall out at 6 am!

I'm just gland we're not still camping.

Once up we walked down to the front and along to the harbour.
Looking back you could see the clouds hanging down on the hills!

The harbour is a lovely little thing, and nearly always has something happening.

Actually from behind the harbour is the official E4 walking route that would take you over to Lissos.

While we were at the harbour watching the locals pull out a boat, it started to rain again!
So we quickly took off to the restaurant and had our breakfast and hot chocolate!
I also had time to do a quick sketch for Sarah.

When walking back up to the rooms, it started to rain again - heavily!

You have to laugh.

So then it was an afternoon of playing cards!!!

Later the weather turned a little better and so we walked back down to the front again and back around to the harbour.
On the way down we saw some onions hanging to dry.

Around at the harbour the waves were crashing! Naturally, Stefano had to risk his luck!

Then it was time to go and have some food.
First off: Alfa beer, garlic bread and olives.

The staff, taking things easy in these times of the Greece crisis!

Then a selection of starters...

Then - out of nowhere, rain & lightening came!

Once the rains had passed, it was time for the meat!

Then the payment of the room was made to the cook of the restaurant.

Last, but not least - more chocolate cake!

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