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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Greece 2011 - Day 3

What an early start - 5 am!
I didn't know it even existed....
Well it doesn't for normal people.

Our first port of call was Rethimon.

The old harbour early in the morning.

And the old light house.

Traditional fish market.

Interesting electrics! I wonder how they cope when it rains?

From there we set off to our first ever would camping site on the North point of the second finger to the West of the island. It's a good hour off roading down to a wonderful bay.

Then it was time to relax have a swim and then a cold beer to celebrate my good friend Nick's birthday (R.I.P)

Then collecting fire wood and setting up camp was on the list of to do's...

Then the night came quick!

9:30 pm and it's time for bed...

Maybe I'll have to uploadthis tomorrow... we have no network cover here - believe it or not!

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