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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Greece 2011 - Day 4

A nice and relaxed morning after a night of fishers at 4 am entering the bay in their boat.

The remains of the night could easily be seen.
That morning I spoke with a shepherd who code down on a trails bike. We understood each other when speaking with our hands and feet...
He rode off and came back with a bottle of Raki!
What a friendly man...

A lovely smile from Anna.... I just have to blogg it.

The road out was as bad as it was coming in.

The remains of the old road can still be seen.

on the way out Stef had a go at driving.... We survived!

We made a right turn on our way back - it took us to nowhere really. But the views were fantastic.

We took the mountain way to Elefonasisi - very spectacular!

50 minutes later we were there...

Then it was time to set up camp before we went out to eat.

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