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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Greece 2011 - Day 5

An easy, relaxed day at Elafonisi. Getting sun burnt and suffering from dehydration!
Well that's what it's all about - isn't it?!

We were woken at 4:30 once again by fishers getting their boat ready.
But we could fall back to sleep again and slept through till 8:45.

After I showered myself at the public beach showers we walked up to the kiosk to buy Sarah some sandals.

Guess what was there....?
Two Austin minis!
A 1970 850, and a 1974 Cooper 1300.

I got talking with the shop owner and owner of the Cooper. He was very proud to display his car and a very nice guy all together. Spoke good English and was explaining that there was another Mini he had his eyes on - he'll be going to look at it in the winter season. He offered me a free coffee frido and we talked a while.
Did you know that a fully restored mini can bring you 20'000 €..

Well, we all caught too much sun today! But it was lovely to just relax.
Tomorrow we'll have to find a cash machine ('cause it'll be my Birthday and I would like a big chocolate cake for my evening meals pudding!!!). Oh and I'll possibly need some diesel.

The weather is changing - high clouds coming in from the South.

We walked up to a Fresh Fish restaurant - and ordered Lamb!??!

It was lovely. Very soft and juicy.

Anna by sun down!

Don't mess with her when she has that look!

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