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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Safari Adventure... PURE!

A nice and slow start to the day... Missing breakfast but therefore having a Cesar Salad later in the morning.

Which tasted...

Then it was time to go on a Desert Safari Adventure...

Which, once the jeep go stuck turned out to be a real adventure!!!

It didn't seem so bad at first...
Until the time pasted and the sun set...

Going... Going... Almost gone!

....and we're still here!!!
But we did manage to get out and meet up with the others for the grill and belly dancing.

What's out of place in this photo?

...richtig the light bulb! That's not traditional! :-) Then we came back and had drinks to a live blonde DJ untill shortly after midnight to welcome my birthday!

What a brilliant day, evening and night ~ with special friends that mean a lot to me. And now... The picture of the day:

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