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Friday, 5 October 2012

What An Eventful Day...

Taxi Rides...
Security Guards...
Life Guards...
Jelly Fish...
And last but by far not the least ~ Food!

So how did it all start I hear you ask yourself.
Well it all started here:

At the Nasimi Beach at the Atlantis Palm Hotel.

Looking back at Downtown Dubai.

Some people were hungry - even after that meal from last night!

The metro and Old Dubai.

And the beach side of the Atlantis Hotel arch.

Not long after that Stefano was escorted to us by two Gorilla sized security guards... Apparently you have to be 21 or older to be at this beach.

So it was time to pack-up and go to the Aquaworld and Atlantis Lost Chambers.
The arch from the sea facing side.

So first was the Aquaworld.

Then over to the Lost Chambers.


Words can not describe how I felt when I was here...
It's wonderful. An diver of any kind MUST see this place.

And a personal comment to Jason - now THIS is an aquarium window!

So from there it was back to downtown Dubai and out to the Marina Walk for our evening meal.

Which was...

Indian.... Yeah!

And now for the picture of the day:

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