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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Anna And The Trophy SE

It was decided that Anna and I go away for the long weekend.

"Lets try a motor bike tour" she said...

Well I didn't need to hear her say that twice!
So I rented the new Triumph Trophy SE for 4 days and started the packing.

What plan!?

In the well spoken words of Freddie Mercury:
"Just get on ya bikes and ride..."

So day one saw us ride down to Livigno in Italy. This included an Alp pass or two!

Finally we arrived at the hotel Alexander and were warmly welcomed...

That evening involved some planning of the days ahead.

We ended up staying in Livigno for 2 days as it was so nice.

And finally back home.

The route:

Here's some statistics of the ride.

In the end we did 802 km!

An average speed of 49.6 km/h

And an average consumption of 3.9 ltr/100km!

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